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Our Mission and Vision
The Verle & Eleanor Hammond Foundation seeks to enable and inspire youth who are not given the opportunity to realize their full potential, by increasing their visibility and self awareness. We work with them, their families, schools and communities to develop the competence and confidence they need to lead successful lives.

Established in 2002 by Verle Hammond, a retired Army Colonel and entrepreneur, and his wife Eleanor Hammond, a retired educator, the Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization providing scholarships and supporting various programs that assist public schools in closing the achievement gap. Our current geographic focus is Loudoun County, Virginia and St. Johns County, Florida. We have plans to expand to other Northern Virginia counties and various counties in Florida. The Hammond Foundation is truly a family run and operated organization. The Executive Director is Veronne Williams, the oldest daughter. Other family members also play an active role in supporting the activities of the foundation, including Pam Holmes (the youngest daughter) and Kristian Williams (the oldest Grandaughter).

Through Kinnections for Katrina, the Foundation arranged for needed care packages of school and personal supplies to be delivered to families displaced to our region by hurricane Katrina. In addition, through the Department of Education, the Foundation was able to provide direct support to schools that took in displaced students after the disaster.

Our guiding concept is called Kinnections. It's about forming connections with the schools, the parents, the community, and most important, the kids. "Kin" stems from the inspiration and support we received from our own families about the value of education and the importance of contributing to society. The Foundation is a way of giving something back to a larger concept of kin- the community.

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